My friend Beto Rea, a Body Artist made its movie……


in your skin productions is a film company since 2005.
We are working in diferents projects(performances,video productions and body rituals)
The last project is Red Bird the short film about the Body Suspension..
In this dvd have a bonus material ( Superfly Suspension Crew promo video and the trailer from our next film ” Mutants Fly”
We offer this dvd for 10€ from 10 copies plus send Service..
so you can sale this movie in you place and charge 15€ the normal cost for private costumers.
When you buy this movies you help to our next project.
so i hope are you intresting in get our film and support us.!
Red Bird is now in sale in diferents Tattoo shops and some wholesale Body piercing supplies.(Per-4 and Industrial Strange)
You can see more in our home page:
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our Telefon nummer +49 17626249357
Thanks a lot for support our projects.
Roberto Rea
in your skin productions.