ATLAS Live on Stage at the semifinals in the All Music Factory “White Night” performing the new single of the band with a flaming evocative title: “Burn”.

November 17, 2016

Big Entertainment at the new White Night DoNotRecords Talent Show Music “ALL MUSIC FACTORY Talent Show” at the historical club BoboCubaLibre in Sesto Calende. Beautiful and exciting path of ATLAS that led the group to the semifinals of the event in the White Night performing, for the first time, the new great single of the band with the title: “Burn”. 

The ATLAS are grateful at all BoboCubaLibre staff of the, a great friend Roberto “Bobo” Scavello, the DoNotRecords, the legendary DJ Spine & Pippo Palmieri, Zoo 105Loris The Voice from RTO, Francesco De Giorgi, Nicky Valvano, Luca from RTO the other Radio, Fabio Merlin, Kristal VoiceAndrea Giammarino; and all our friends and supporters.

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